Power steering is what your vehicle thrives on in being able to turn and adjust to traffic effectively. With faulty steering, you are putting yourself and your passengers at higher risk of an accident. Here are a couple of quick tips to identify any issues you may have or when damage has been incurred.


The steering wheel feels “loose”


This is an easily identifiable common problem with steering in general. If the wheel isn’t resting well when you drive it, or feels as though it’s not sticking when you try to round a turn, there’s almost a guaranteed issue with your power steering fluid distribution.

With low steering power comes a wealth of issues with suspension as well. If you’re considering coming in to have your power steering be assessed and a diagnostic run on the system’s fluid, be sure to have the suspension targeted as well.


Leaks in power steering fluid


Whenever there are leaks, you likely will have no idea it exists until you have your vehicle taken in for maintenance. There will be apparent issues with steering, the leak itself will not present itself to you though.


Will I need parts to be replaced?


Fortunately, most parts can be mended and repaired in an afternoon. The question really comes down to how long ago the damage was incurred, if it’s simply wear and tear or a deeper issue, and what you can do best on your end. Overall, the best route to get results is bringing the vehicle in. From there, you can get professional advice and the best course of action to move forward.


Give us a call today if your power steering is feeling weak. Often enough, there’s a quick fix we can apply to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon!