Your vehicle’s transmission carries significant weight in ensuring that the vehicle systems are running smoothly. A faulty transmission needing repair or replacement can damage all other functions of the vehicle, resulting in lower fuel efficiency, consistent maintenance, and higher prices on repairs.


Signs your transmission needs repair


Gear shift grinding – When shifting gears, a grinding noise that is accompanied by sticky control is a sign of transmission issues. Also, whenever shifting, the gear slipping is a huge indicator as well. Being aware of your gear health is something you should always keep in mind when driving your vehicle.


Try your best to catch these issues early, as they can only get worse and worse in the long term.


As well as the gears, a burning smell accompanied by the check engine light coming on is another sign. These issues are more serious, indicating a replacement may be necessary. Transmission installs can be much more expensive than repairs, which is why getting the issues handled early is advised.


What can I do to get my transmission checked?


The best route to get your transmission performing well again is getting an inspection as soon as possible. In these inspections, mechanics troubleshoot your vehicle to see how it’s functioning, and where the transmission is falling short. Give us a call, and come in for a service today!