Properly working brakes in a vehicle may be one of the most important parts of a vehicle to ensure are functioning properly for the safety of the driver and everyone else who may be in the vehicle. Without properly working brakes, a car will not be able to stop when it needs to which can cause serious and potentially life-threatening accidents. Therefore, we will be discussing the signs to look for that may indicate that your vehicle does indeed need new brakes.


Signs your vehicle needs new brakes

  • You hear loud noises or screeching when you attempt to use your brakes while driving
  • If you hear grinding sounds when braking (this means the brake pads have been worn down completely)
  • If you can see that your brake pads are thinning
  • If your brake pedal vibrates when you try braking
  • If your vehicle’s response to your attempt to brake is slower than normal
  • If you notice that your brakes are extra sensitive and jerk the car around when you try to brake
  • On the other hand, if your brakes are very insensitive, this is an even larger cause for concern
  • If you notice a puddle of liquid under your car where you usually park, this may be a sign that your brake fluid is leaking
  • If your car seems to be pushed onto one side when you try braking (due to uneven wear and tear)

Now that you are more aware of the various signs to look for when you may think your vehicle’s brake pads might need repair or replacement, we hope you are able to stay safer out on the roads while driving. If you have any further questions regarding your vehicle’s brakes, our services offered, our prices, or any other general questions, please feel free to contact us!